Nicolas Smith

Nicholas Smith

E-mail:  Office Location: WH11W


I joined the CMS collaboration in 2014, as a student at the University of Wisconsin Madison. During that time, I helped operate the Level-1 trigger system during Run II of the LHC and performed a search for dark matter and invisible Higgs boson decays using a leptonically-decaying Z boson ISR signature. I joined the Fermilab CMS group in 2018, with a focus on probing the properties of the Standard Model Higgs boson using novel analysis techniques and working in computing operations and R&D. My current research includes: searching for deviations in high transverse momentum Higgs boson production rates via the all-hadronic bb and cc decay modes; building novel physics analysis frameworks using the scientific python ecosystem and the latest commercial distributed computing technologies as part of the Coffea project; and co-leading the CMS computing operations group as we commission the new Rucio data management software and continually improve our workflow management system.

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