Fabio Ravera

Fabio Ravera

Research Associate

E-mail: fravera@fnal.gov  Office Location: WH11W




Research interests:

I graduated and got the Ph.D at University of Torino (Italy). My main activity as a PhD student focused on CT-PPS and in particular in the development of the 3D pixel tracking detector. In 2017 I got a PostDoc position at the University of Genova and I moved to CERN as Cooperation Associate to follow the CT-PPS detector installation and data taking.

I started my current position at Fermilab in 2018. My interests in particle physics are focused on beyond Standard Model physics with searches of new resonances that produce a Higgs boson in the decay process.

I am strongly involved in the Phase II upgrade of the CMS Tracker detector. I have good expertise in prototype testing in laboratory and on beam. I am also responsible for the development of the so-called Middleware, the DAQ software component directly controlling the front-ends, decoding data and performing calibrations.