CMS Center
CMS Center


Name: Jim Hirschauer
Title: Research Associate
Phone: 630.840.4788


Areas of Research:

HCAL detector performance group

What do you focus on in CMS?

For now, I focus on understanding the performance of the hadronic calorimeter. Specifically, we are trying to understand how to calibrate the HCAL and validate the calibration using collision data.

What inspired you to study particle physics?

I decided I wanted to study particle physics early in graduate school. Though, my interest in it blossomed when I was young and became concrete when I was an undergraduate. Even before my formal study of physics, I enjoyed distilling phenomena and situations, to determine their underlying antecedents and basic components. This inclination leads naturally to the study of the particle physics, through which humans attain the most fundamental understanding of nature.

What is your favorite part about being a scientist?

I get to spend time solving problems. Every day, I am faced with new interesting problems, and not doing the same thing over and over is great.

What is it about Fermilab that surprises most people? What surprised you?

I have met a few people who were under the impression that we are trying to discover new sources of energy at Fermilab. So I explained that we actually use a lot of conventionally produced energy in our efforts to understand the fundamental laws of nature.

If you could rescue one thing from your burning lab or office, and you already have your laptop, what would it be?

I would rescue Kalanand, my office mate, after double checking that I really had my laptop.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I guess I like rock and roll, particularly alternative rock, such as the Pixies. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Raffi with my daughters.